Zelen Impro offers glass and metal greenhouses suitable for climates in northern and central Russia and modern plastic structures for southern climates.
Every detail is designed and built in compliance with the most stringent regulations and comes from the long experience of greenhouses manufacturing of the company's founding members.
Standard widths of the Zelen Impro greenhouses - 8M - 9.6M - 12.8M

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Heating systems

Our company is expert in the design and construction of heating systems that suit the needs of all customers. More specifically, we create:

  • radiant floor basal systems
  • basal floor systems in the ground
  • basal heating under benches or under containers
  • radiant aerial systems with steel or aluminium tubes
  • suspended aerial rise/fall systems
  • rail systems for hydroponic crops
  • hot-air systems
  • heat exchange systems for irrigation heating
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Boiler rooms

Generating heat is essential in both production greenhouses and those for sales. Optimising thermal energy generation is essential for the balanced performance of heating systems and for saving fuel.

Zelen Impro designs and directly manufactures boiler rooms with various types of boilers and burners that use both fossil fuels and biomass, in compliance with today's standards and keeping up with the best available technologies.

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Biomass power systems

The continuous increase in the prices of fossil fuels and the need to achieve the set objectives in terms of CO2 emissions are two decisive factors for the assessment of all renewable energy sources as a priority option for heat production. Among these, woody biomass represents an interesting solution thanks to the increased availability of new heat generators operating with different fuels and technologies that ensure reliability and ease of management, all with a wide range of thermal power. Heat generators that function with wood fuel can be divided into three broad categories: wood, wood chips and pellets.

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Our technicians create complete systems for hydroponic crops for both horticulture (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce...) and floriculture (roses, anthurium...), and with the use of various inert substrates. All within a "turnkey" service. As for the specific crop of tomato plants, Tecnova offers dedicated systems on small, suspended ducts attached to structures; these systems facilitate maximum cleanliness and control of plants, who thank to this system are born and grow in healthy conditions obtained by limiting the use of plant-health treatments

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One of Zelen Impro's biggest strengths is certainly the ability to create ebb/flow irrigation systems on benches, containers, or the ground.
These systems, once applied, guarantee the total recycling of irrigation systems by making the system a fully closed loop. Various automatic fertilization can be used like: proportional dispenser or fertilization by injection systems.

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