Benches for greenhouses

Zelen Impro offers its customers fixed benches with aluminium profiles and various types of shelves (ebb/flow, nets or punctured polystyrene). They are provided prewelded or to be assembled with angles and rivets and including galvanized supports and brackets for level adjustment in various lengths and sizes.

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Taking care of nature also means knowing how to donate to your work the right accessories, important accessories that allow the setting up of ideal and adequate greenhouses.

At Zelen Impro you will be able to find important elements such as:
artificial light, fog system, mechanization, electric plant

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Irrigation boom

Zelen Impro provides important, sophisticated and effective products capable of guaranteeing the best results with simplicity and reliability. Our systems, among the many available, consist of self-propelled irrigation bars, as in the case of the Power Rain, a machine that can be customized both in the software part and in the hydraulic spray part.

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Containers system

The most versatile and productive system for medium and large surfaces is the Zelen Impro container system. Containers in aluminum profiles welded to design with rollers and sliding bearings protected from water and dust, all for a high safety and durability.

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